Le Trèfle 2 - Chalet au Grand-Bornand


Le Grand-Bornand sits at two distinct elevations: Le Grand-Bornand village is located at 1,000 meters and features a typical Savoyard village with its outdoor market, central plaza, church, and shops, as well as the spectacular Bouchet Valley in the background, at the foot of the Aravis Mountains.

Six kilometers further up the road leading to Col de la Colombière Pass is Le Grand-Bornand-Chinaillon. Located at 1,300 meters, and serving as the main base area for alpine skiing, the well-preserved historical village center dates back to the 17th century.

In summer as well as in winter, both parts of the village are connected by a shuttle, or ski-bus, free for those who reside at the village, upon presentation of their guest card.